Drivers will usually take the toll roads unless you ask them not to. Tolls are added automatically by the meter as incurred during the journey. At Circular Quay and Barangaroo, each wharf has a large screen showing ferry departures and general information. Find your destination on the screen, which shows when your ferry service is departing and from which wharf.

Sydney Airport CEO Joins Calls For More International Airline Access – Simple Flying

Sydney Airport CEO Joins Calls For More International Airline Access.

Posted: Mon, 21 Aug 2023 01:00:00 GMT [source]

Greater Sydney is spread over a vast area that stretches from the Blue Mountains in the west to the Pacific Ocean in the east and from the southern shore of Lake Macquarie in the north to south of Botany Bay. Only about one-third of this region is classified as urban, but the great bulk of the region’s population lives in the urban area. The sprawl is also in marked contrast to the comparatively small and compact central business district, which is crammed into a narrow rocky peninsula between two arms of the harbour within the City of Sydney proper. The public transport system consists of trains, metro, buses, ferries and light rail and can get you virtually anywhere in the city as well as much of the outer regions every day of the year. Public transportation in Sydney can be complicated, even when travelling solely in the CBD and inner suburbs.


The UNESCO World Heritage-listed Lord Howe Island is only a short plane trip from the mainland. A top destination all year, the island is home to the world’s most southerly coral reefs, as well as lovely beaches and great fishing, snorkelling and diving. Sydney ocean beaches all have shark mesh nets around 100 metres out to sea, and are regularly patrolled by air for sharks. A shark alarm will sound if any are sighted, and you should get out of the water. The risk of shark attack swimming on a patrolled beach between the flags is low. Shark attacks are rare on Sydney beaches, but they have occurred.


With a location capturing the exceptional Darling Harbour view, by day W’s signature Living Room bar is a meeting place for guests and locals. As evening falls it transitions to a lively social space, a spot to take in the buzz of the waterfront below. Immediately recognizable, the Sydney Opera House, designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon officially opened in 1973, and is now a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. The Opera House welcomes over 10 million visitors every year, who come to explore this iconic building, or to enjoy a variety of cultural performances, including theatre, music, dance, film, comedy and more.

Marvel at NSW’s six UNESCO World Heritage Sites

For those who only wish to take home a replica, as a memento of their trip to Australia, head to Paddy’s Markets in the Haymarket area of the southern end of the city. The markets also sell a huge range of souvenirs at much better prices than regular souvenir stores. Dollar shops (see “Food and Essentials” below) also sell souvenirs at bargain-basement prices, albeit at a much reduced quality.


To use an Opal card or contactless card, simply hold the card up to a reader to tap-on at the start of your trip, and tap-off at the end. This applies to all transport except for the Manly ferry, when you only need to tap-on. You must tap on before you board trains, light rail and ferries. For buses, the readers are located by the entry and exit doors of the bus. Not all wharves and stations have barriers, so you’ll need to remember to tap off at the Opal poles at the end or you’ll be charged the maximum fare for your route. The readers on buses activate as you are approaching the stop, or soon after the bus has halted.

Getting around Sydney

Our trip planner and interactive map lets you explore the wonders of NSW from coast to country. Sydney had experienced unusually high levels of smoke due to prolonged drought and bushfires in December 2019; enough to warrant (temporary) inclusion in the world’s top 10 polluted cities. The smoke was severe enough to prevent most outdoor activities.

Longer term bike hire is available in many locations in Sydney. Unfortunately, bike hire for two bikes for a day usually costs more than hiring a small car and petrol for the day (around $50 per bike). However, for shorter periods some places may be reasonably priced (for example Sydney Olympic Park) charges $15 per hour. Also, you have to consider the additional cost if the bikes are stolen or damaged. However, they are much easier to park, are greener and can be more fun. Other cycleways are often just converted footpaths, so be on the lookout for bollards, street signs, roots and branches strategically placed across cycle paths – as well as pedestrians.

Hunter Valley – 2.5hr drive from Sydney

However, make up aside, the transformation from men into women is incredible and these ladies sure know how to entertain. Drag shows are popular with hen nights and birthday parties, but really they’re great fun for anyone who wants a night of pure unadulterated entertainment. Some drag acts are part of cabaret clubs, so there’s a wide variety of acts throughout the evening. Other clubs are solely dedicated to drag performances and it’s a whirlwind of costume changes, make-up and incredible dance moves.

Red Metrobuses (routes numbers starting with M) are longer route, cross city buses, running at 10- to 20-minute frequencies during their operational hours. These buses sometimes have a screen displaying the next stop and onboard announcements as well. Metrobus stops usually have a name on top of the stand which easily indicates a Metrobus services the particular stop. Most public buildings like shopping centres are climate controlled inside. Sydney has a fascination with year-round alfresco dining, where you can find yourself dining mid-winter outdoors with a heater a few tables away.

Some also focus on ethnic cuisine — a great opportunity to sample unfamiliar food. Look out for the Sydney International Food Festival, a major festival which showcases Sydney’s food culture. It’s held in October, and includes the night noodle markets operating in Hyde Park in the City Centre. Just east of the city is Woolloomooloo Wharf which boasts a fantastic view across the harbour and several upscale restaurants, including excellent steak, Chinese, Italian and seafood restaurants. Sydney has many skate parks and bowls in its suburbs, and one of the most popular is the one next to Bondi Beach. Sydney also has three indoor ice skating centres, and the closest to the CBD is Macquarie Ice Rink in the Macquarie Park-Ryde area.

Many convenience stores, fast-food restaurants and petrol stations within the Sydney metro area are open 24 hours a day. Sydney offers decent fishing although it is not recommended to fish in Sydney Harbour to the west of the Harbour Bridge due to pollution and the fish are tainted with dioxin which is harmful to humans. You will nevertheless see local residents fishing on the harbour. You can sign up with a fishing charter to take you out of the Harbour into open water, Middle Harbour or Pittwater is a rewarding experience.

SXSW Sydney to premiere The Wiggles’ new documentary – The New Daily

SXSW Sydney to premiere The Wiggles’ new documentary.

Posted: Mon, 21 Aug 2023 12:01:26 GMT [source]

In 1997, the Inner West Light Rail opened between Central station and Wentworth Park. It was extended to Lilyfield in 2000 and then Dulwich Hill in 2014. Modern and International architecture came to Sydney from the 1940s.

Get ready for seven extraordinary nights beneath the sails and the stars. Inside/Out at the House is taking over Bennelong Point this May to celebrate our 50th anniversary. Destination NSW acknowledges and respects Aboriginal people as the state’s first people and nations and recognises Aboriginal people as the Traditional Owners and occupants of New South Wales land and water. Hidden restaurants down historic laneways, famous icons on Sydney Harbour, an endless calendar of events. When it comes to weather, Sydney is quite predictable and experiences four distinct seasons.

  • Learn business English vocabulary and skills to support your English communication in international business settings.
  • All the same benefits apply to using a contactless card as apply to using an Opal card.
  • Sydney has some of the violent crime issues that plague major cities, however, in general, no special precautions are required visiting the typical tourist areas during the day.
  • On sunny days a long sleeved shirt, sunglasses, sunscreen and maybe even a hat is advisable.

Who better to help reopen the heart of the Opera House than William Barton? The celebrated Kalkadunga musician estimates he has played the venue over 300 times. This week, with clapsticks made from wood salvaged from the stage, he’ll perform with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra in a triumphant return to the Concert Hall.

  • They run only within Sydney harbour, so you can’t get a ferry to Bondi.
  • It closed after 128 years of continuous publication.[365] Sydney heralded Australia’s first newspaper, the Sydney Gazette, published until 1842.
  • Or simply download an app that gives you platforms and times (with real time updates if you have mobile internet).
  • In Macquarie Park, Rowe Street in Eastwood has built a reputation for some of the best East Asian food in Sydney.
  • Most visitors will find it easiest to use a contactless credit-card / debit-card (Visa/Mastercard/American Express) anywhere you can use an Opal Card on any public transport.
  • Prepare yourself with your smartphone network map, just in case.

The majority of pubs and smaller clubs close before 3AM and some as early as midnight, particularly if there are nearby residents. Every restaurant will usually have at least one vegetarian dish. Indian restaurants can be relied upon to provide a wider selection. The trendy East Sydney and Inner West suburbs have many choices, Cabramatta in the western suburbs have many Asian Buddhist cuisine restaurants that are vegan and vegetarian.

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